Ariana Grande new dog ‘Fawkes’ was named after the phoenix owned by Professor Dumbledore from the ‘Harry Potter’ series
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  • k: Mario Götze showed after the final demonstratively your jersey, both on the lawn as well as later at the awards ceremony. As she felt this gesture?
  • M: Honestly: I had the TV at this point already made​​, went to sleep and have noticed the really until the next morning.
  • k: As their response fell out?
  • M: That was a very nice gesture from him. Mario and I are really good friends. That he has hochegehalten my jersey, was not self-evident. Particularly since some had collapsed on him after he was just not really satisfied and then in the final after coming off the bench scored the golden goal.
  • k: Götze had no easy time in the World Cup. He was heavily criticized. Can you understand that?
  • M: Only so much: Mario is an outstanding player. We forget that he is only 22 years old.
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